• Local Treasures: Kanchan & Yak Cheese

    Experience the Authentic Taste of Nepal

    Experience Nepal's unique flavors with Kanchan and Yak Cheese. From remote Nepal to your plate, these cheeses embody tradition and regional taste, reflecting our dedication to quality and authenticity.

  • Delights for Your Furry Friends

    Export-Quality Dog Chews

    Pamper your beloved pets with our export-quality chews. These healthy and delicious treats cater to your pet's well-being, fitness, and hunger cravings.

Our Major Highlights

Nepalese Cheese

Dog Chews

International Cheese

We trade and deal with other different varieties of Internationally and Locally produced cheese

Embrace the authenticity of Nepali tradition with our range, showcasing the essence of remote Nepali regions in every bite. Additionally, our export-quality pet treats ensure your furry friends indulge in healthy and delicious chews, promising their well-being and happiness

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At Cheese World Nepalaya, we strive to excel in the cheese industry by presenting a wide selection of top-quality cheeses for diverse tastes. Our mission is to honor Nepali culinary heritage while embracing global flavors, providing an outstanding variety of cheeses that signify our dedication to authenticity, quality, and customer happiness. With dedication and passion, we aim to enhance experiences and cultivate a culture that values premium cheeses, both locally and globally.


We aim to be the top choice for cheese lovers, businesses, and pet owners seeking top-tier quality and diverse options. Cheese World Nepalaya strives to be the symbol of genuine quality, not just offering outstanding cheeses but also building a community united by a passion for exquisite cheese experiences. Our goal is to consistently broaden our range by sourcing the finest global cheeses, all while honoring and preserving the essence of Nepali traditions at our core.